UV sensors: Can Evolving Technology Save Your Skin?


Though seasonal cold brings temperatures down, the dangers of UV (over)exposure are no less problematic in the winter than in the summer.  As avid winter sports enthusiasts can attest, the sun’s rays reflected off snow are particularly intense, especially at altitude.  In fact, UV radiation exposure increases 4 to 5 percent with every 1000 feet above sea level. Thus, perhaps it’s a good time to [...]

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Your Guide to the Skin Check


Happy 2016! With millions of people being diagnosed with skin cancer each year (including celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, who recently had another basal cell carcinoma removed), what better time than a new year to resolve to get your skin checked?  Also, learn proper sun protection strategies and skin cancer risk assessment.   If you are a newbie to the dermatologist [...]

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Winter Skin Care Tips


Winters in New England are anything but subtle.  The dry winter air and harsh winds take a toll on the skin and call for a change in skin care products.   I opt for heavier and more moisturizing products such as La Roche-Posay's Lipikar Baume AP for my body and Avene Cicalfate Cream for my face.  For face wash, I [...]

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Sunburn art: a trend to avoid this summer


Angela Walker, MD It’s a trend that has left us dermatologists cringing.  Despite a clear message, “reduce sunburns by using sun protection,” the latest summer craze has individuals now purposefully burning their skin to create fast skin art. Using lacy clothing or creative cut-out patterns, a sunburn creates the negative image while protected skin remains [...]

Sunburn art: a trend to avoid this summer2018-09-17T10:57:13-04:00

Sunscreen Shopping Guide: Part 2


One of the toughest questions I get asked during the summer months is: what sunscreen do you recommend?  Why is this a tough question?  First, because it requires not only a lengthy discussion of the different types of sunscreen ingredients available in the US right now, but also because it varies by a number of [...]

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Sunscreen Shopping Guide: Part 1


While most of my patients are skin cancer survivors and have learned the hard way why sunscreen is so important, many others have a hard time understanding why sunscreen is even needed.  In this three part series, I explain why we need sunscreen, how to choose the right one, and how to apply it correctly. [...]

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The quick way to glowing skin


As a dermatologist, one thing that I need to have every day is glowing skin.   While a solid skin care regimen is a crucial part (see previous post), the use of makeup to boost my baseline glow is helpful.  However, as a busy mom of two, my morning makeup routine usually consists of simultaneously applying makeup [...]

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Transition your skin from winter to spring


(This post was originally published by Jaunt Accessories and can be found here.) It seems like winter will never end. If you’re like me, you are already thinking about spring and maybe even that Caribbean vacation you have planned.  But along with sunny days and warmer temperatures, comes less clothing that more exposed skin - the [...]

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Welcome to my blog!  I am a working dermatologist in Rhode Island and a mom of two wonderfully busy kids.  On a daily basis, I give skin care and sun protection advice to my wonderful patients who range in age from infants to centenarians.  I have found that what truly makes me happy is educating people [...]

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