Welcome to my blog!  I am a working dermatologist in Rhode Island and a mom of two wonderfully busy kids.  On a daily basis, I give skin care and sun protection advice to my wonderful patients who range in age from infants to centenarians.  I have found that what truly makes me happy is educating people about skin care, skin cancer, and sun protection.

Often, there is not enough time during an office visit to thoroughly address patient concerns.  A seemingly simple and straightforward question like, what kind of moisturizer should I use, really requires an in depth discussion of the basic structure of skin and the various categories of moisturizing products and ingredients.  Dermatologists often give patients the shortened version of the answer, which is – whatever kind of moisturizer that you like as long as it doesn’t cause irritation and, preferably, is fragrance free.

As an artist with a strong scientific background, I take a logical approach to skin care.  There is a reason for everything.  Explaining the logic behind which skin care products to use or how often to apply sunscreen often makes it easier to remember and follow through.  I’m here to break down the wall between advice and reason to provide you insight into the who, what, and why of skin care.

My goal in this site is to answer those common questions dermatologists are often asked in greater detail than we are often allowed during an office visit.  Ideally these posts can be used as a resource for my patients as well as others who are seeking skin care advice from a dermatologist.  And, of course, please contact me if you have a question that you really want answered!