From spot treatments in small problem areas to laser hair removal to even a full face treatment, there are countless benefits of laser treatments. Though there are many useful applications of lasers, no two lasers are the same. Lasers target pigment in the skin and each laser wavelength targets a different color. The specific wavelength of the laser and it’s target determines the types of conditions that the laser can target. Most traditional long-pulsed lasers can treat a limited number of conditions. In contrast, the Aerolase Neo laser uses newer microsecond technology which allows us to treat a wider range of skin conditions and is safe for all skin types. The Neo Laser can target both red and brown pigment, water in the skin to cause superficial collagen induction, and even oil glands to help with acne.
Some of the skin conditions that lasers can treat are:

– Broken capillaries on the face
– Rosacea (helps reduce the intensity of redness/flushing)
– Varicose veins on the legs (small veins will receive the most benefit)
– Angiomas (small red bumps on the skin)

– Hair removal
– Brown spots such as freckles

– Skin rejuvenation for thin crepe-like skin
– Acne
– Sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged sweat glands)

The possibilities and applications of lasers in the field of dermatology are constantly expanding, but the number of lasers being produced and destinations offering the service are expanding at the same rate. It is important when opting for one of these services to make sure the laser being used on you is of the highest quality and the person operating the device is a board-certified dermatologist. For more information about lasers or any of the other services we offer, please schedule a consultation.