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Mini-Peel+ Set

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Our Mini-Peel Set plus Sheer Physical Sunscreen to protect your glowing skin. Our Mini-Peel Set will help you reveal younger, hydrated, healthier looking skin. This powerful glycolic acid duo of Mini-Peel Pads and Glow Polish gently exfoliates and moisturizes both face and body. Follow with our high performance Nightly Restore cream to nourish and repair the skin. Wake up with smoother skin texture and brighter more evenly toned skin! Protect daily with our Sheer Physical Sunscreen.

Directions for use: Remove a saturated pad from the jar and wipe the textured pad over the face. Let sit for up to 10 min as tolerated. Wash off and follow with Nightly Repair Cream. Apply scrub to face, neck and/or body in a circular motion. Let sit for up to 10 minutes and wash off. Pads should be used once a week building up to nightly use. Scrub can be used daily. Apply Sheer Physical Sunscreen daily to face and neck. Reapply every 2 hours as needed.

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