One of the most common questions my patients ask about out fillers is: once I start, do I have to keep going…or else? The short answer is no. There is no catastrophic event that happens if you chose to never do fillers again. From the moment fillers are placed under your skin, your body starts the process of removing the filler particles. Once the filler is no longer present, your face essentially goes back to its pre-treatment look. Interestingly, the filler treatment and subsequent processing of filler induces the body to bring in more collagen fibers so you often are left with some support even years later.

Ideally, you will have loved your new refreshed look and will be wondering when you’ll need to you can come back for more fillers as most patients do. The frequency of treatments actually varies for each person based on how much filler was placed, where it was placed and other factors such as your metabolism and if you’re a side sleeper. The filler slowly gets processed away by your body (faster with higher metabolism), so over time you’ll be able to look in the mirror and see the effects of the filler fading.

So simply put, fillers are not something you will NEED to keep doing, but rather something you will WANT to keep doing. Maintenance will be important to preserving your refreshed look. The ideal time to consider a maintenance treatment is when you first notice the effect is fading. Most patients will need a maintenance filler treatment every 6-8 months. This also illustrates the importance of receiving your treatments from a Board Certified Dermatologist as you and your dermatologist should reevaluate on a regular basis to determine when the time is right to schedule another subsequent treatments.

If you’ve been thinking about restoring your refreshed look with fillers and have questions, please schedule a consultation. I’d love to help!