Seems like everyone I know is turning a fabulous 40 this year and to celebrate why not be good to your skin! Here I’m sharing 5 vital skin tips for all you gorgeous ladies in your forties.




TIP 1: Wear sunscreen on your face and neck 🔸EVERY🔸SINGLE🔸DAY🔸

UV light passes through clouds, rain, snow, car windshields and damages your skin regardless of the weather  The best way to prevent unwanted sun damage is to wear sunscreen every morning.





TIP 2: Start using a retinol containing product

Retinol (OTC version) and Tretinoin (prescription version) have been clinical shown to reduce the signs of aging, specifically improving fine lines, exfoliating, and evening out skin tone.  If you’re not already using one- now is the time to get started! Retinols should be applied at night because they deactivate in sunlight.  Nightly use is best but if the product is too drying, then apply every other night and work your way up to nightly.





TIP 3: Exfoliation is crucial!

Over time, our skin doesn’t shed those dead skin cells as efficiently. This causes skin to look dull and dry.  Regular exfoliation helps to remove that dry flaky skin and reveal brighter and glowing skin.  Whether you choose a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid or a physical exfoliant like a scrub, start once a week and work up to daily if tolerated.






TIP 4: Moisturize twice a day

All that retinol and exfoliating has gotten your skin nice and glowing so don’t forget to hydrate your beautiful skin with a daily moisturizer.






TIP 5: Start thinking about botox

Maybe it’s new to you, maybe you don’t like needles, or maybe you think you’ll get hooked, but it’s truly a necessary part of taking that gorgeous skin to the next level. Small sprinkles of botox will prevent lines on your skin from forming or getting deeper. No lotion or cream can prevent dynamic lines (lines from movement of muscles) from forming.  So take a chance on this awesome minor procedure. The only thing you have to lose are those pesky wrinkles!